January 5, 2018

Key Performance Indicator or KPIs

As a retailer in a competitive marketplace, a major focus should be monitoring the health of your business. For most retailers, this means getting a handle on your Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs. Wondering.. What is KPI? A KPI is a metric that is designed to give you a quick snapshot of some aspect of your business. A KPI might be a measure of sales, customer activity, or financial strength.
December 22, 2017

Retail Pro and Retail Dimensions Celebrate 15 years of Connecting POS and eCommerce

Almost exactly 15 years ago, Retail Pro International (RPI) and Retail Dimensions (RDi) announced a strategic partnership around POS integrated eCommerce. Today, with over 1,000 shared customers, Retail Dimensions continues their mission of simplifying business and improving lives of the specialty retailer, and has renewed its strategic alliance agreement with Retail Pro International.
December 18, 2017

5 Years of Tech Innovation Later, Retail IT Turns to Optimizing Operations for Better CX

Much of retail strategy has been locked in on improving customer experience with customer-facing tech innovations. This year, retailers are improving customer experience from the inside out, starting with their retail operations. For the past half-decade technologies at NRF’s Big Show focused on...
November 28, 2017

3 Tips for Using Your Retail Data to Attract More Customers

For retailers, much of the work that goes into making a sale is done before your customer ever sets foot in your store. Here are 3 tips for using your retail data to attract more customers. No.1: Use outbound marketing as a targeted follow-up to inbound marketing.
November 22, 2017

Use Mobile In-Store To Combat Online Competition

Do you have mobile technology that your associates can use to help find products in different store locations, or to order an out-of-stock selection? Great, but if that’s the only reason for the technology, you’re stuck in 2014. To keep up with the times and the online competitors who give your shoppers ultimate control – and attract Millennial shoppers...