SAP Integration

SAP Business One is an affordable, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed to enable growing small to midsized enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises with subsidiary operations to better manage their entire company. SAP Business One provides one simple solution that streamlines business processes, provides real-time information, and helps boost overall business performance.


Data Movement

Data from stores is consolidated in the Retail Pro central database at headquarters From there, data is sent to SAP B1 Data from SAP B1 is sent to the Retail Pro database at headquarters From there, the data is sent to the stores

Interface Configuration Module

Determine what documents (data) will be sent from Retail Pro to SAP B1 (SAP B1 to Retail Pro) Define frequency of interchanges (number of times and time of day with no limit) Receive email notifications about execution errors, alerts, success, etc.View logs to analyze execution processes (also logged to Windows Event Viewer)

Interchange of Information

Between Retail Pro and SAP B1 Automatic and unattended interchange Manual interchange available Retail Pro and SAP databases updated directly Duplicates automatically avoided

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