From forward-looking architecture, reduced maintenance demands, and flexible user-interface, Retail Pro Prism is created to support specialty retail as it grows.

Enterprise-Class Retail Software

Trusted feature-rich retail software offering an agile platform for retail regardless of your scale or business model.

A True International Solution

Proven solution for global retailers who need robust features, and local support everywhere for multiple currencies, taxation, and regional regulatory policies.

Fully Customizable, Extensible, and Integrable

A powerful platform for retail when you need a fully integrated, flexible solution that will grow with your business.

Cross-Channel Retailing

Customer-centric, consistent retail software tools that help you build engaging shopping experiences at all retail touch points.

A Trusted Leader in Retail Management For Over A Quarter Century, Across 128 Countries

User Friendly

  • Start

    Our Business Partners handle the implementation
  • Train

    Save valuable manhours by training seasonal staff with any of our 800+ online training videos.
  • Sell

    Ring in sales quickly thanks to a fully-customizable UI

Customize Anything

  • Optimize your workflow for efficiency
  • Reflect your brand with configurable UI
  • Act on trends with customizable reporting


Retail Pro Prism

Our most flexible POS solution yet

Our latest retail management software, Retail Pro Prism POS marries Retail Pro 9's comprehensive features with modern architecture and improved flexibility on every level at the POS. Prism delivers outstanding agility, data security, accuracy, and operational control for specialty retailers with reduced hardware and technical support requirements.

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