RetailPro Tally Integration

Tally. ERP 9 provides you the capability to generate various financial statements and Management Information system reports, thereby facilitating better management, effective control and well informed decisions. Following are the some of the salient features, which makes Tally. ERP 9 best for basic financial management

Fund Flows

Receivables Turnover

Branch Accounting

Flexible Period Accounting

Budgeting and Control

Cost centers / Profit centers with multiple Cost Categories

Ratio Analysis

Scenario Management

Integrating Tally to Retail Pro

Map the required fields to be populated in Tally. The Tally tool generates an XML file that has to be imported to Tally ERP. This will automatically fill all the fields to be mapped. This significantly helps reduce the time taken to input all data manually into Tally ERP.


Data will be collected at HO from all the stores Sales data will be pushed to Tally from the last run date into "Sales Entries" & “receipt entries” as end of day summaries End of day Summary of Sales Total & Tender Types along with tax %, tax code and tax amount will be sent to Tally. Receipt Number, Receipt Date, Store Number and Customer Name will be pushed to Tally


Sales Order information will be pushed to Tally from the last date run to “Advance / Credit note entries” in Tally


Vouchers (Receiving Goods) “Summary Information” information will be pushed to Tally from last run change to “Purchase Entries” in Tally

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