June 25, 2019

Shoppers don’t care about your POS. So why does it matter for CX?

Retail exists in an ongoing tension: how to run retail profitably without forfeiting its heart – to meet people’s needs and bring joy. Unified technologies are integral in this balance, offering a truer picture of your business and customers so you can discover and act on opportunities to better serve your customers...
June 11, 2019

Is it really discovery shopping if Amazon found it for you? Effects of data-driven curation on discovery experiences

Effects of data-driven curation on discovery experiences Remember when a trip to the store could yield a new discovery — an unplanned purchase but one that delighted the customer? Ecommerce handles specific shopping needs seamlessly and efficiently: Search …
June 3, 2019

How retailers are actually spending their customer service dollars

When companies describe themselves as having “excellent” customer service, the claim sounds user-centered but too often it’s actually just a company-centered focus trying to position themselves as user-centered. Those companies are generally concerned with efficiency and reducing costs first and foremost, and …