April 8, 2019

Brick and Mortar Retail Is On Its Way to Becoming a Media Channel

Many brick and mortar retailers have invested in providing customers exciting, engaging and satisfying shopping experiences in order to effectively compete against e-commerce. Online retailers have done a remarkable job of offering shoppers the goods, pricing, and availability …
March 23, 2019

Why Business Analytics is still a top priority in retail

Business Intelligence is high on the agendas of modern executives.

At the 2014 Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit, Gartner Analyst Michael Smith reported that a survey of CEOs and Senior Business Executives in North America showed that their two top technology investment focus areas were: Business Analytics (71%) Enhanced Business Reporting (56%)

March 12, 2019

How To Simplify Omnichannel with Inventory Management in Retail Pro®

The omnichannel expectation set by Tier 1 retailers has quickly trickled down to specialty retail and retailers everywhere are feeling the pressure to deliver. Retail Pro helps retailers simplify the inventory management across channels for omnichannel retail
February 28, 2019

Going omnichannel doesn’t mean using every channeI

More retailers today are recognizing value in the raw data they collect from every transaction and seeing the need to use it more strategically to create a unique customer experience that will boost their bottom line and keep customers coming back for more. The challenge then becomes knowing which data to single out from the torrent of data you have available: which data should a retail company track which would give direction for marketing efforts and lead to more conversions and repeat sales? And how do you put that data to good use? Here are 4 ways you can take advantage of data gathered in Retail Pro POS to personalize your customers’ experience and boost your bottom line.