Retail Pro For Franchises

What you can do with Retail Pro®

Centralize Franchise Oversight

Retail Pro provides clear, real-time visibility into sales performance and detailed transactional data at all levels of business. Reporting is made simple for franchisees and franchisors get all of the actionable data they need to manage their franchise operations.

Localize Your Customizations

With the Retail Pro platform, franchisees have flexibility to respond to their customers’ unique preferences and tailor workflows to their particular business operations.

Empower Employees to Greater Productivity

Train new employees from the simple, intuitive interface of the POS within minutes, and with unlimited employee security levels you can track logins, discounts and more at any level or location within your organization.

Future-Proof Your Franchise

Retail Pro is designed to grow and evolve with your franchise as stores, channels, locations, and technologies expand, so it is always the exact fit for your operations.

Expand Internationally

Retail Pro is localized for any world language, currency, and taxation, and extensible with your choice of business application, so franchisors can grow their brand worldwide.

Curate Relevant Customer Conversations

Retail Pro® organizes your detailed customer information so your employees can instantly access customers’ purchase history, demographics, preferences and more from your mobile POS, register, or kiosk, without missing a beat.


Simplified Franchise Management with Retail Pro -

  • Support for both single brand and multiple-concept franchising models.
  • Gain broad visibility into franchisee sales performance as well as detailed transactional data for all levels of business -- for a single franchisee store, all stores for a franchisee, select stores spanning different franchisees, all stores across the entire franchise enterprise and everything in between.
  • Achieve greater accuracy and transparency into franchisee business activity and revenue numbers in order to verify and expedite royalty payments and fees.
  • Gather actionable information on customer activity, marketing/sales effectiveness and employee efficiency in order to monitor, improve and enhance the franchise business.
  • Provide franchisees with access to their own data (sales, merchandising, inventory information, employee productivity, pricing, promotions and more) while also ensuring that the data remains secure and inaccessible to others franchisees.
  • Automatic conversion to single currency occurs when viewing or reporting on franchisee information spanning different countries and currencies.
  • Increase sales and customer loyalty by issuing and tracking fully-integrated gift cards, gift certificates and store credit across the entire franchise enterprise.
  • Create purchase orders for specific stores, all stores for a franchisee or all stores across all franchisees to take advantage of volume discounts.
  • Quickly and easily manage inventory updates and changes across all franchisees.
  • Share customer information across all franchisees.

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