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‘Retail Campus’ complements the intensive capabilities of the corporate to attract creamy layer from the academia. The corporate approach to second tier in the academia is diffused, and hence, RetailWins brings all the second-tier Graduates of the academia across the country under one roof termed ‘Retail Campus’.

‘RetailCampus’ is a fine sieve, where RetailWins picks up the gems that are as good as the creamy layer but were missed out during the screening mechanism adopted by the corporates. This is intended to save huge executive time, travel time and recruitment costs for the Retail Industry and yet be able to select the talents.

‘RetailCampus’ on the other hand acts as a knowledge repository to the many Fresh graduates who miss the corporate bus for lack of finesse. These large chunks of resources are trained to improve learning abilities operationally and technically as well as shape up personality traits and get certified to attend next set of recruitment programs.

Thus ‘SITAR’ through its single piped effort throws out several layers of talented human resource to the industry.

SITAR’s unique value proposition is in providing customized training programs for each Retail Company, in step with their specific requirement and at the same time be the vehicle for career advancement of people seeking an opportunity in leading Retail organizations.

To impart quality training, RetailWins has empanelled trainers who have domain specialization in varied subjects and requisite hands-on experience.

Corporate Training:

RetailWins provides online training programs for showroom sales staff and others. The candidates can go through the training program during their lean footfalls on their mobile and hand-held devices. The training relates to diverse topics and generally lasts from 15 to 30 days.

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