Strategic Innovation in Training And Recruitment (SITAR)


‘SITAR’ – Strategic Innovations in Training and Recruitment, is another such offering from the RetailWins umbrella. Combining a unique process to tap intellectual capital, and bridging it back to the area of the need; SITAR is our innovative and versatile offering for the Retail and academic world.
‘SITAR’ is a single piped effort by RetailWins to successfully address the age long problem of bridging, corporate & the academic gap. It infuses a better approach to the Human Resource Consuming Retail Industry to capture the second tier of Graduates passing out of the academia. It immaculately weaves the missing threads for the independent goals prevalent with Retail Industry, Colleges, Training Institutes and HR agencies.

‘SITAR’ is modular and provides solutions to the Industry in a structured yet integrated manner. The modules are:

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