Love your customers? It’s time to show them you care. Level up your customer engagement with Easyrewardz’s AI-powered CRM Suite!

Easyrewardz CRM Suite

Easyrewardz is a cloud-based CRM platform that provides seamless omnichannel customer experience across industries. Their interactive customer data platform:

  • Plugs in with clients’ transactional systems
  • Facilitates exceptional customer experience
  • Drives incremental revenue

Marketing Solutions

Lead Management System – One-stop platform to capture, track, manage & mark leads to facilitate easy and improved conversion

Campaign Engine – Enhance customer engagement and build brand awareness with targeted campaigns across different channels

Collecta – Gain valuable customer insights by creating customer surveys, polls, feedback and reviews

Loyalty & Rewards Suite – Increase customer engagement & foster stronger bonds through points, coupons & gift vouchers

Analytics – Improve ROI & deliver customer satisfaction by enhancing campaigns with data-driven insights

Operational Solutions

Proxima – Enhance in-store customer engagement and gain customer information with free Wi-Fi service

Bell – Issue, track, manage & resolve support tickets efficiently to deliver guaranteed customer satisfaction

Footfall Counter – Increase in-store conversions by unlocking actionable customer insights & delivering personalized customer experience

Sales Tracker – Track the complete customer sales cycle in real-time & make the most of every sales opportunity

Digital Receipt – Send purchase information and personalized coupons & recommendations to customers after every transaction

Tag Manager – Segment customers basis purchase behaviours to deliver highly targeted campaigns and drive more sales

Employee Discount Module – Incentivise your employees and turn them into brand patrons with secure, customized modules

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